Website Design

Brand Development

Website Graphic Design

Enhance your web site with pleasant graphics, buttons and a layout that is easy for your viewers to navigate through; the worst thing you want is for them to get lost while navigating your site. We design graphics for your web site to maintain a clean easy to read and navigate web site. Cleaning up everything from graphics, logo, website layout, catalog images and icons. Image and Brand is everything, do not lose visitors because of some amature graphics.

Website Layout Design
Navigation is most important when if you plan on having a high conversion rate. View Sample

Website Images and Photos
Resize your images and photos so you viewer download time is cut and spending more time on your site is viewing products not downloading images. Clean your catalog images so they are free from unwanted imperfections. View Sample

Website Animated Graphics

Limited animated gifs to capture the reader’s eye on a particular page to up sell products or services. Animated banners for off-site advertising and promotions. View Sample

Website Animated Flash
Limited animated flash animation to give your web site that extra pop. Creating your website all in flash will hurt you when it comes to top rankings on popular search engines. View Sample

Web Site Video Compression
Video compression is required for TV, CD, DVD and Web. Be sure you videos are compress to download quickly for readers. Optional is upload and linking. View Sample


Video Production is also available by our partner Hot Box Video Production serving your local Orange County area and the greater Los Angeles area.