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Advertising News: New York City Free Wi-Fi

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2016 Advertisement News – Free Public Wi-Fi

No longer will you have to go to a Starbucks for free wi-fi. While retail shops and restaurants look into providing free wi-fi for their clients. A New York company called Control Group has rolled out a new public free wi-fi slim kiosk that will allow the public to use it’s free wi-fi which will be 100x faster than your traditional wi-fi found at your local retail store. The gigabit service are being installed in place of old phone booths and will include a headphone jack for you to make free calls and will have an emergency 911 button. The kiosk will have a tactile keypad, braille lettering and an android touch screen. The project has been approved by New York Mayor and the project is backed by google. New York is expected to get over 7.5 thousand free wi-fi kiosk.

 Most people have accepted this new project because allows them to save money on their data bill. There is no comment from mobile internet service providers but seems like our U.S cities are becoming more responsive and welcome the project with open arms. The free public New York wi-fi kiosk will be paid by advertisers that will render their ads through a 55” inch digital monitor on each side of the kiosk and also have the opportunity to display municipal emergency messages to the public.

 As an advertisement and promotional agency we welcome this new opportunity in our state of California. This kiosk will ultimately help small companies promote their brick and mortar businesses locally. Additional possibilities for this free wi-fi kiosk could be to track traffic monitoring on a more precise level.


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