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Sell Sheet Designer

We believes in creating unique designs that are exceptional in visual communication and cost effective. Our mission is to develop strong concept presentations, which includes visual branding, integrative marketing and effective communication techniques that will facilitate your corporate image with custom made sell sheets designs.

Set Sell Goals

when creating content for your sell sheet be sure to be specific and stay focused on a single product or service. Trying to cramp all your business information in one sales sheet will be overwhelming to your readers. Your call to action will get lost and you will lose interest instantly.

List import data only

Less means more bang for your buck. Make your sales statement as simple as possible so the reader get's your message quickly. Don't board them with useless information, get to the point. Include a single product or a single family of products. This would enable the potential customer to focus and stay engaged with your sell sheet. 

Create your Copy

Should include headline, tagline, body copy, bulleted features and benefits, photo and/or comparison chart captions, an offer, and a compelling call to action that's it! Maximize your ROI by making them act now, add a limited time offer that is Irresistible. 

Sales Sheet Designer

Now that most of your content is prepared our design team can start by taking some photography photos of your product and incorporate color and graphics that are suited for what you are selling. Our designs are subtle but effective, only to highlight your content, not to overpower it.

To start your Sell Sheet Design project with us, email us today. Production time for design 1 week and printing 7-10 days.