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Prototype Rendering Service

We have launched our prototype rendering service for all those creative inventors out there that are trying to get their ideas to market. We understand that having a clear illustration of your product and how it works is as important for manufacturing as it is for Advertisement.

Our Prototype drawings are meant to shine a light  at your idea to make it easier to find funding or to sell it. We are also great supporters of One Simple Ideas written by Stephen Key that you can have the bare minimum and you can sell a great idea. This is why we would like to offer our graphic design and print services to inventors.

Rough Drafts

We can work together with you to render a for sketches to get a rough ideas of what your new product will look like. We can make a 2D or 3D sketch by hand until we work out the kinks of your product.

Starts at $350

Product Design

After a one or two drafts of your product design we can then illustrate it with colors and textures to show a better photo of the final product will look like. This illustration of your invention can then work great on marketing material like sell sheets, brochures and websites.

Starts at $450

Sell Sheets

We known that getting your product to market requires a great presentation to wow and explain your product to investors and distributors. We design

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