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Illustration can work in just about any medium or any format. You will find illustration in book covers, magazines, movie posters and even package design. Our design service started from love of traditional art. Our founder Ernie had enjoying the practice of several mediums including oil painting, water color, color pencils, airbrushing, spray paint, chalk and digital so it was natural for him to start a design service company  that not only focused on corporate design, but also combined traditional art with advertising.

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Like we mentioned earlier and illustration can use any medium and even combine one or two mediums to create a piece of art that crosses over into marketing and advertising but the real challenge is how to choose the style and the artist that is right for you. that is where were we can help you. We help you resolve the challenge right from the start so we know which direction will fit best with your marketing campaign and which type and style of illustration will work to save money and time.

Local Illustrator Artist

 An illustration should make you feel a certain way. Express your message across clearly with colorful cute soft graphics for children's books or magazines or aggressive cool active vibe with digital graphics for your next night club event. Lets

Our first love is traditional art and design our second, why not combine the two and create beautiful artwork that is marketable.

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People under rate logo designing, and you don’t need to go far to see this. Just take a moment and think about a few of your local businesses, how many businesses can you remember how their logo looks like. Few maybe, but compared that to the countrywide known brands, you can almost draw their logos if you had the ability to. Continue reading and learn why calling a professional to handle your logo designing is the way to go.


Basically, a logo is meant to inspire trust. It is supposed to be attractive in a way that makes your customers want to use your services. In fact, your company’s logo makes up part of what symbolizes your brand,, which is why it should be admirable and professionally designed. However, it is surprising at how many businesses are willing to save money at the expense of having a good logo for their business. But then, what does it take to make a good logo?

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If you hire logo design services in Orange County for instance, your logo isn’t just made in a rush. It takes professionals to procedural make you a logo. At first, they will have to talk to you and know what you expect from their work. They may also want suggestions of pictures to use, before they can research if what they plan to make you have been tested before. After the research and referencing of previous designs in your industry, they sketch and present a design for you.Remember that a logo is the very first impression people have about your business, therefore be willing to spend enough to get a good one.

So how much does making a logo cost? Most logo design services in Orange County don’t charge a flat fee. Instead, each client receives a customization fee, as per what they expect from the service company.  For instance, if you want the logo designing company to invest a lot of time in your logo, you will have to pay more. Again, your budget may also be the deciding factor of what kind of logo you will get. The big internationally brands for instance did have their logos made cheap. Finally, the logo Company may also charge you differently depending on the resources they use. Some logo design software is expensive, and if that is what they use on designing your logo, they may definitely charge you more.