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Free Design and Print Templates

Please use our free downloadable templates if you already have your design or are planning on designing your own print layout. Please read below for quick requirements before submitting.

Free Brochure Templates

Free Business Card Templates

Free CD Case Inlay & CD Cover Templates

Free Door Hanger Templates

Door Hanger Template 4.25x11

Free DVD Case Cover Templates

DVD Case Cover Template

Free Envelope Templates

No. 10 Envelope Template

Free Flyer Templates

Flyer Template 3x4
Flyer Template 4x4
Flyer Template 4x5.5
Flyer Template 4x8.5
Flyer Template 8.5x11
Flyer Template 8.5x11Half Fold
Flyer Template 8.5x14
Flyer Template 8.5x14 Gate Fold
Flyer Template 8.5x14 Half Fold
Flyer Template 9x12
Flyer Template 9x12 Half Fold
Flyer Template 11x17
Flyer Template 11x17 Gate Fold
Flyer Template 11x17 Half Fold

Free Greeting Card Templates

Greeting Card Template 7x10 Back
Greeting Card Template 7x10 Front

Free Post Card Templates & Flyer Templates

Postcard Template 1.5x7
Postcard Template 4.25x2.75
Postcard Template 2x8
Postcard Template 4.25x3.66
Postcard Template 4.25x5.5
Postcard Template 4.25X6
Postcard Template 4x6
Postcard Template 4x9
Postcard Template 5.5x8.5
Postcard Template 5x7
Postcard Template 6X9 Press Fold
Postcard Template 6X11
Postcard Template 8.5x2.75
Postcard Template 8.5x3.66
Postcard Template11x4.25

Free Poster Templates

Poster Template 13X19
Poster Template 18x24
Poster Template 19x27

Free Presentation Folder Templates

Presentation Folder Template 5.25X10.5
Presentation Folder Template 6x9
Presentation Folder Template 9x12
Presentation Folder Template 9x14.5
Free Sticker Templates
Sticker Template 2x4
Sticker Template 3.5x3.5
Sticker Template 5.5x2.125
Sticker Template 8.5x2.75

Free Tablecloth Design Template

Screen Printed Tablecloth Template
Round Tablecloth Diagram

Free T Shirt Templates

T Shirt Template

Free Hat Template

Hat Template

Free Personalized Napkins

Personalized Napkin 10x10
Personalized Napkin 17x17
Personalized Napkin 20x20

Print Templates Free PDF print templates are available for download. Please note these template are approved for used by GD Solution clients. These templates are standard for other printer but we are not responsible for any print issues you may encounter at 3rd party printers. To download right-click on the link, select "Save Target As"

1. Bleeds - Make sure if you want your design to run off the page to have a Bleed in your file.
2. Safety Guide - Please make sure all text, logos & graphics do not pass the blue line.
3. Format - Save your file in CMYK Format for process print and spot for single color prints
4. Save - Process printed jobs must save as .tiff and spot printed jobs save as EPS, Ai or PDF