Custom Embroidery Design - Logo Digitizing

Convert your logo design or graphics into a workable embroidery files for custom embroidered shirts, hats, bags and more. Our logo digitizing service will take your logo design in either a jpg, tiff, eps or pdf and convert it to a embroidery tape (file) that can be used over and over to custom embroider your marketing and advertising promotional products. Pricing is based on the number of stitches your design will require to embroider. Final artwork size, fill and color will determine the number of thread stitches it will need.

Please indicate the final size of the logo, tape files can not be re-sized. Standard hat embroidery is 3.5" wide by 2.5" tall. Embroidered t shirts on the front left chest area is 3.5" to 4.5 inches wide, back of the t shirt is 11" wide. Average digitizing charges are between $45 to $100 dollars.

Embroidery Logo Digitizing - Standard (4-5 days): $5.98 per 1,000 Stitches
Embroidery Logo Digitizing - Express (2-3 days): $7.98 per 1,000 Stitches

You will be billed after the digitizing is complete to confirm correct stitch count. All stitches are rounded off to the next 1,000 stitches. Please let us know which format you need the embroidery tape (file) in.

Tajima - .dst (GD Solutions Standard)
Barudan - .dsb
Melco - .dxp

Embroidery Estimators
Below is a list of free templates you can download and print on clear or semi-clear paper and use as a quick stitch count estimator so you can get a rough estimate of how many stitches your current design will be. Please be sure to use actual size artwork. Please note that if you're design has a lot of fill and color your stitch count will be more than these tools reflect.

Quick Embroidery Stitch Count Estimator
Per Letter Stitch Count Estimator

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  • Custom Embroidery


Custom embroidery gives your products and apparel a more luxurious look and feel. Using thread the embroidery machine stitches your design directly through the garment from a digital file call a tape.

  • Shirt Embroidery


We also provide shirt embroidery on polo shirts and other garments. The cost of shirt embroidery will depend on the size of the logo and how many stitches the machine will have to make to reproduce your logo. A standard embroidery shirt size is 3"x2".

48 pcs or more


  • Hat Embroidery


We can embroidery on any head ware including hats, beanies, visors, scarves. Standard embroidery on a hat is either on the front panel or the back by the strap. Additional location like the sides or the visor may require higher quantities.

Available Colors: Matte Black, Silver, Red & Blue


Custom Embroidery Shop

  • Mint Green Napkins Wedding Napkins


New luxury wedding napkins are embroidered for a luxurious wedding. Custom monogrammed each napkin and leave a wedding favor. This is one must item if your looking to have an unforgettable wedding.

Available Colors: 45 colors

72 pcs or more


  • Bag Embroidery


Promote your brand with high quality embroidery. As an example we have taking an everyday beach tote bag and raised its value simply be embroidering an awesome logo on the side. Do have a private label you need embroidery for? Let us know


Custom Promotional Products