House of Yogurt

House Of Yogurt® is the perfect balance of sweet indulgence, and healthy lifestyle allowing our customers an enjoyable, relaxing and an uplifting experience. Our yogurts are made with the highest quality ingredients using home recipes that we all love. Do not mistake us for another run of the mill yogurt shop.

This is house of the Home Style Yogurt with quality you can taste. We only use base yogurt that are manufactured by licensed American dairies that participate in the National Yogurt Association's Live & Active Culture Program in order to meet all state and federal standards without compromise on taste or functionality.

In addition to our Home Style Yogurts that we blend in-house we also serve Non-Dairy and No Sugar Added varieties year long. Combine your yogurt choices with more than 70 varieties of dry toppings, fresh toppings, sauces, syrups, whip cream, and fresh baked waffles and you are bound to create the perfect treat that will satisfy any craving you have.