Catalog Design Service

Catalog Designer

Catalog Design Service

A catalog is a publication that discloses, in an orderly, clear and attractive way, the products or services that a company has. A catalog is not just a simple enumeration of texts and photos.

The catalog should have a well-organized design so that the products look and are simple to visualize, with the information located in such a way that it is easy to read, with colors that do not opaque but give life to the products or services shown. It must have harmony and visual coherence that is in line with the mission and objectives of the company, this means that when a customer sees a catalog it should reflect the clients culture and brand at a quick glance.

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Photography is a fundamental element in a good catalog. This service along with an attractive design will make your catalog distinguished before your competition.

The catalog design is a printed showcase of your business. Both the products and the services must be shown with an innovative and impressive design

The catalog design offers numerous uses. From reinforcing the commercial department to its direct delivery to customers, through distribution and distribution at fairs, conventions, or moving it to digital format for a future download from the Web or mail.

There are mainly three types of catalogs:

·        The product catalog: This presents one or more ranges of products and/or services.

·        The general catalog: This presents exhaustively all the ranges (generally once a year).


·        The promotional catalog: This highlights specific offers valid for limited periods (reactivation of customers, the conquest of new customers, 80/20).

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The Five Golden Rules to Successfully Design Catalog

1.  Reflect upstream

Designing your catalog should match your marketing strategy. What are your goals? What is the position of your company? At what level is your catalog in this strategy? Our project managers regularly advise product managers and marketing department for catalog production and will guide you through this analysis phase.

2. Create a strong visual identity

Today's markets are very competitive, products are virtually identical, and customers have difficulty perceiving differences between brands.  Only by creating a strong visual identity will your catalog stand out from the competition. Your customers need to identify the object of your catalog at a glance. The visual identity of your catalog has to be adapted to your target. The color codes used will be different, as will the fonts, the style used, etc.

3. Writing real eye-catchers

Catalog Design Services

To attract the attention of the reader and make him want to know more about a product, or service, offered in your catalog. The hooks must be strong enough to capture his attention without falling into an excess of superlatives that would end up annoying him.

4. Give rhythm to your catalog

A reader who is bored after a few pages is a lost customer. You must vary the layout to preserve the reader's attention. How? By breaking color codes, changing the size of visuals, playing with fonts, without betraying the overall visual identity of the catalog. Our artistic director and our project managers realize upstream of each creation a true teamwork to energize your catalog.

5. Writing short and impacting texts

Your customers are in a hurry and have little time to devote to reading your catalog. We must avoid flooding them with too long or too technical sentences, the texts must be short, concise and precise.