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Brochures have been an effective selling tool over the past decades and were extremely popular from  the time the printing press was invented up to when the internet became main stream. Even though the internet has changed the way information get's delivered brochures or also known as pamphlets  and leaflets are still a great way to advertise and deliver your information. You will find most brochures in areas where you are waiting for example in line in the super market or in a dentist office waiting room.

Our goal when creating your brochure is to communicate your message quickly by arranging your content in the simplest way for the reader to get the entire message at a glance. Below are a few great ideas on how to prepare your content for our design team.

Distribution of your Brochures

  • Banks
  • Direct Mailer
  • Gas Stations
  • Groceries Stores
  • Hotels
  • Info Centers
  • lobby
  • Malls
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Trade Shows
  • Waiting Rooms


Best Brochure Uses:

  • Restaurant Menus Brochure
  • Invitations Brochure
  • Presentation Package Brochure
  • Brochure as Resume or Report
  • Brochures as maps
  • Direct Mailer Brochure
  • Mini Catalog


Brochure Printing Anaheim

How to make an effective Brochure

  • Understand your Customer
  • Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action
  • Don't waste space with unnecessary photos
  • Sell quickly, Don't tell your biography
  • Use Bullet points
  • Use headlines & graphics that communicate benefits
  • Take away risk
  • Give them a reason act now
  • Don't forget your Call to Action


What type of brochure

The most common types of single-sheet brochures are the bi-fold (a single sheet printed on both sides and folded into halves) and the tri-fold (the same, but folded into thirds). A bi-fold brochure results in four panels (two panels on each side), while a tri-fold results in six panels (three panels on each side).

Other brochure fold arrangements are possible: the accordion or "z-fold" method, the "c-fold" method, etc. Larger sheets, such as those with detailed maps or expansive photo spreads, are folded into four, five, or six panels. When two card fascia are affixed to the outer panels of the z-folded brochure, it is commonly known as a "z-card".

Booklet brochures are made of multiple sheets most often saddle-stitched, stapled on the creased edge, or perfect bound like a paperback book, and result in eight or more panels.

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