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How to Make A Book Cover Design

Except you are a well-known author, having broken through the obscurity barrier, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of your book cover design.  The name of the author may speak for him at the bookstore (online and offline) such that not much attention is given to it, but for the budding writer, your book is mostly judged, first, by its cover.


Why put in so much effort and creativity into writing a book only for it not to get the attention of readers, because of a crappy cover design. Paying as much attention to your eBook cover as you did to the content can make the difference between a book that sells out and one that barely gets noticed.

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Tips On How To Make Impactful Book Cover Design For Print And Ebooks

No matter how interesting or helpful the content of your book is, it would be meaningless if this does not translate to sales or readership at the end of the day.  The effort would have been, more or less, wasted. You wrote that book because you wanted to communicate a message, and you want it to get to as many people as possible. Don’t let the cover stop you from achieving your objective.

 Here are two tips to help with you get started with your eBook Cover Design

Get Help: If you’ve got some flair for design and the time for it, you can design your eBook cover yourself using a graphics design software or a Book Cover Creator.  You can get some good Book Cover Creators online. However, some payment may be required to get premium stuff.


You may be better off outsourcing this task to a good eBook Cover Designer especially if you are constrained for time and you want the best. The token you pay for using the services of an eBook Cover Designer will be well worth it in the end. You will have the benefit of getting another person’s input and perspective and it will also afford you the opportunity to experiment with different Book Cover Ideas.

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Benchmark the Best In Your Genre: Researching what works for others before you is a great way to brainstorm Book Cover Ideas for your own book. Checking out cover designs of books that performed well in your genre, gives you a broader view into your audience’s preferences and sets you up to create a winning eBook cover as well.

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