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Airbrushed T Shirts

Airbrushed T shirts for all occasions! Birthday, holiday gift, memorabilia, Sports Team, Clubs, band merchandising or just to make a  fashion statement. My name is Ernie and I have been airbrushing for 17 years now and my specialty is custom hand painted t shirts done with an airbrush. Using air, paint and a special small gun I am able to personalize any t shirt of any size. This service requires a little more attention so will have to email to get pricing on your special project. 

Starting at $35-$99

The fundamental science behind how an airbrush works is something called the Venturi effect. All airbrushes all work the same way with regards to the Venturi effect. To make sense of it all compressed air pushes through the small airbrush gun sucking paint from a separate container and shooting it straight or fanned to create the sprayed effect. As an artist the control of the hand, gun trigger, distance of the gun from the shirt and your artistic ability is what is required to get the desired effects.

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Text Ernie at: (310) 756-7401