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Advertising is a vital part of selling and having a great ad is not just about the graphics. A lot of psychology goes behind every advertisement  you see with one purpose in mind, to make you act upon what you see and sometimes even hear and smell.  Large advertisers study how their products might help you in your daily live and try to communicate the benefits in just a few seconds of visuals. Keep these things in mind when you are promoting your own business. Here some cool things to keep in mind when putting together your advertisement.

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Advertising for Emotion & Action

Run advertising with emotion by showing imagery that make people drop what they are doing to focus on your ad . Try to generate fear, curiosity, sympathy or some other emotion using your images to text.

Highlight Perception Flaws

Don't claim to be the best. Simply attract attention by counter designing your ad around what people might expect and then change the outcome. Like a magic trick, spark interest with something interesting and by the time the ad is read you have delivered you message.

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Re-position your Target

Everyone wants to be part of a group and by highlighting those that are not, helps re position other to think like the group and join the group . for example JIF Brand had a advertisement campaign that said "Choosy Moms choose Jif" which made moms think; if they don't choose JIF then they must be bad moms for not choosing the right stuff for their kids. No one wants to be a bad mother.

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Promote Exclusivity

Make your target audience feel unique, not everyone can have what you are selling and if have it you become a member of a very limited special group of people. For example the marines have a saying "The Few, the Proud, The Marines".

Our goal is to make your readers act, call or email you right away. Let us help you design your advertisement with great photography, copy and design. Book your project in advance by emailing us.

Starting at $150